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Welcome to the World, Elijah!

Silence. The house was really quiet and calm. Elijah was settling down for his afternoon nap when I got there.

Nico and Nicole did such a great job of timing the photo session. The baby was fed, changed and falling asleep. Being a parent myself, I know that Nico and Nicole were tired. They'd only been parents for ten days, and as exciting and exhilarating as that is, I also remember how incredibly overwhelming and exhausting it was. That didn't really matter, they both looked sharp and ready to be photographed as well!

To say that it had been an intense week for them is truly and understatement. Suffice it to say that we're all just very thankful that they're out of the hospital for the second time and that I can only imagine how blessed they must feel to finally be home as a new family of three.

We had a pretty uneventful session and that's a good thing! Working with babies is one of the most unpredictable types of sessions there are. This sweet family, however, made my work so easy! (Big shoutout to my wonderful assistants Roberto and Morgan, you guys rock!). Nico and Nicole were very gracious about letting me photograph them in various areas of their beautifully decorated home, and they really are naturals at being in front of the camera. They knew exactly how to hold Elijah, how to stand, where to place their hands, and I didn't even need to tell them how to look at each other. There was so much tenderness and love in the air that I pretty much just let them be and allowed them to have their own warm and sweet moments where they just looked into each other's eyes and whispered sweet nothings into each other's ears.

What a blessing this sweet boy is! I can already tell that Nico and Nicole will be such great parents, both equally committed and involved in doing their best to be a godly example for Elijah. And I'm fortunate enough to know his grandparents, and aunt and uncle on one side of the family, so I'm confident that he'll always be a much loved boy with fine role models to look up to.

Nico and Nicole, it was so nice to work with you! It was so gratifying to be welcomed into your home and take a peek into your relationship and your new parenthood state. May God continue to bless your lives and give you wisdom to raise sweet Elijah Lee!

~ Anaelisa

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And you Anne - you did it again! You are a true artist! Love your work!

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