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The Purest Kind of Love: 6 Expert Tips to for a Successful Mother's Day Photo Session

You've scheduled a very special "Mommy & Me" photo session, what a special time!

I bet your phone is full with pictures of your kid, but how many pictures are you in? Selfies don't count! :)

My point is that this is a rare event in which you get to enjoy a few moments playing and connecting with your child while I photograph you.

Here are a few tips to help you have a successful session:

  1. Make sure your child is fed and well rested. Hungry and tired kids will not make happy models.

Mother and daughter walking hand in hand by a pond

2. Neutral, pastel, and soft colors will look best. Try to wear colors that complement each other, rather than matching and looking exactly the same. Your photos will be more interesting that way.

Mother holding her baby in her arms and kissing baby's face

3. Pants may be more versatile and comfortable, so feel free to wear them. HOWEVER, a light, flowing dress will give your images a sense of romanticism and timelessness which you'll enjoy looking at for many years!

Mother lifting her baby

4. Does your child have a toy? If it's small enough, bring it! It'll add a fun element and your child will feel the comfort of having it with them. It'll also make a great memory!

5. Be prepared to spend some time just talking, tickling, and playing with your child. You will have 100% of each other's attention while I try to freeze with my camera those moments and that beautiful bond you share.

Mother sitting on ledge a holding her daughter and kissing her forehead

6. End it with a bang! After you got dressed up and enjoyed some quality time with your kid, seal the occasion with their favorite burger, or ice cream. Treat yourselves to a sweet (or savory) meal and celebrate the big event, you've earned it!

boy holding a vanilla ice cream

  • Side note: A lot of times we think of 'Mother's Day' sessions as only dedicated to younger moms and their little children. I'm here to remind you that Mother's Day is for everyone who'd like to celebrate either being a mom, having a mom, or having a mom figure in their lives!

Three generations of women and boy

I hope this helps!

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