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Hello, I'm Anaelisa!

I believe in timeless, authentic, and true to life images. When working outdoors, I prefer to photograph my people during the so called "golden hour". I also love overcast days and I avoid harsh light due to the unflattering shadows that they produce.

When working indoors at my studio, the light will always be the same, which makes it the perfect and most predictable outcome.

I've been blessed to travel a lot and learn several languages, which makes it easier for me to communicate in languages like Spanish, German, Italian, and French - other than English - with my clients. 

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Life is composed of countless milestones, and if we don't pay attention, they can be as fleeting as a sunset.


I'm here to help you collect wonderful moments that will last forever! Whether you're wanting to celebrate a special occasion (I believe every day is a special occasion!), get your yearly family portraits, or just treat yourself to a fun and relaxed photo session, I'm here for you!

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