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How to Prepare for a Destination Photo Session

A destination anniversary photo session can be as special as a destination wedding, but without all the stress, and fuss. And I'm here to go along with you to get wonderful and unforgettable images.

I had the honor of photographing this beautiful couple on their 7th wedding anniversary amidst the enchanting and almost unreal landscapes of Cypress Gardens and Magnolia Plantation in the Charleston area in South Carolina.

This couple’s wedding anniversary photo session in South Carolina beautifully unfolds the timeless romance that echoes through the historic streets of downtown Charleston and its surroundings. A journey through picturesque settings, weaving a tapestry of love, adventure, partnership, and history.

Some tips for a successful destination photo session:

Do your research

Be ready regarding the specific locations and the distance between the places where you'd like to be photographed. Consider also their opening hours, holidays, etc...

Consider the weather

Plan your destination session during the nicest season, if possible. However, be ready to face any weather surprises, such as strong winds, or rain.

Bring several outfits

One of the most fun parts of doing a destination photo session is the illusion of having been at a different place for a longer time than it actually was. A variety of outfits also allows you versatility and enables you to express your personality in a creative way. It also lets you achieve a cohesive look that harmonizes the landscape and whatever surroundings you chose as your special place.

Consider waking up early

Super early, actually. Sometimes the nicest and most picturesque spots are packed during the day, but if you show up early in the morning, when everyone is still sleeping, the place is all yours! Plus, think of that beautiful and soft sunrise light! You'll be so happy you woke up early.

Bring comfortable shoes

You'll be walking a lot on the day of your session. You picked that particular place, because it's beautiful and you'll want to get a great variety of images while you're there, so it's important to bring a pair of comfortable shoes to walk from one spot to the next.

Bring snacks

Since you're already at that particular spot you chose, you're going to want to really take advantage of it and you'll probably have a long day being photographed. And although you might have planned a nice dinner for after the session, you're going to be thankful you packed some snacks to hold you over.

Make reservations at a nice restaurant

One of the neat things about visiting a new place is experiencing its cuisine, so why not make an event of this opportunity and go out on a special date. Check out recommendations and try one out with your loved one!

Make a photo album of your favorite pictures

Creating a photo album will add a tangible and nostalgic dimension to your photo session. You'll be able to enjoy your pictures without the need for a screen and you'll realize how you'll achieve a stronger connection with the moments that were captured. Not only that but a photo album is a keepsake that can be shared and be passed down from generation to generation, preserving a deep emotional meaningfulness with loved ones.

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