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Summer Family Photo Session in NW Arkansas

An early summer morning. Already the humidity was letting us know that it was going to be a hot day. It wasn’t even 8:00 AM, and I was really thankful that we had decided to make this session an early morning one!

Elliot and Candice had gracefully read my Style Guide and when I first saw them, I knew that their choice in colors and clothes was perfect! Those soft pastels look amazing against our luscious NW Arkansas greenery and lovely creeks. They were wearing a beautiful combination of light blues, dark blues, and beiges that made them look fresh, elegant, and classy. Even young Rhett looked so sophisticated in his adorable outfit!

We met at Coler Creek and several bikers were already on the go and enjoying the great trails that we're lucky to have around town. It's one of the many amazing aspects about this hidden gem of a town we have in Bentonville, Arkansas - you'll just as well see an athlete ready to mountain bike the morning away, as a sweet family of three all dressed up and ready for an unforgettable summer photo session.

We stopped at our favorite spots, like a bridge overlooking Coler Creek, and then we descended right to the creek to get closer to the water. Candice was a true champ walking down in her stilettos, handling the uneven surfaces and the rocks like it was second nature to her.

We got a few super cute couple images, and then we headed over to the Crystal Bridges gardens. That place is just so beautiful and versatile with its many looks depending on the season. Always wonderful though!

Rhett was getting hungry but Elliot and Candice were ready for it with snacks that calmed him down and bought us some more time to get a few more lovely images, especially the ones with him in his pull wagon. I think he was really having a lot of fun being pulled by the LOVE statue, eating snacks, and enjoying some quality time with mom and dad. I mean, wouldn't you?

When we did our session, little Rhett was only starting to walk, but I know that those photos of him running across that bridge feeling so secure and safe holding mom and dad's hands will be cherished forever!

Elliot and Candice, it was so nice to work with you and spend that time chatting and hearing a little bit about your busy lives. I'm glad you had the experience to live out of state, but it's great to have you back in Arkansas!

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