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Beautiful Couple and Gorgeous Chandeliers at Sans Souci

The George Bush International Airport is very familiar to me, since it's the airport that I usually have to go through when I go to my country of origin. The city of Houston, on the other hand, is a different story - I'm not familiar with it at all. However, when Kim contacted me to invite me to be one of the photographers to take her and Jeff's bridal pictures in Houston TX, I was all on board! I had worked with them before and I knew that they were a joy to work with and that we'd have a lot of fun getting their very special images.

They had given me the address of where to meet and nothing else, so I really had no idea what to expect. Well, let me tell you, the expectancy was extremely worth it. This place that they had chosen was a dream venue for a wedding. Sans Souci Ballroom, with its welcoming entrance and its grand white piano, I just couldn't wait to start taking pictures in this ballroom. Oh, and the gorgeous chandeliers! I can't remember the last time I had over 30 gigantic chandeliers right before my eyes. Maybe never?

Just a little bit later, our couple arrived. Kim's boudoir photographer kindly invited me to participate and give that type of photography a go. It was so much fun! (Psst, by the way, I have Valentine's Day Boudoir Photo Session Special going on right now, check it out!). After that, our bride started getting ready to don her gorgeous wedding gown, and beautiful shoes and accessories.

Meanwhile, across the hall in the groom's room, Jeff was patiently waiting for his lovely bride. He was dressed and ready to go! Shiny shoes, new watch, boutonniere and all...

While Kim's room was very bright and filled with light, Jeff's was very masculine, despite the velvet and the ornate frames and chairs. Semi dark, and very appropriate for a groom and his party.

We went all over the venue and did all their pictures and while getting the best angles and backdrops for the couple in love. It's always a pleasure to work with Jeff and Kim. Not only are they extremely kind and friendly to others, but the way they treat and respect each other is inspiring and wonderful to see. Jeff's constantly making sure that Kim has everything she needs while she's being her gorgeous and beautiful self modeling. And she's so loving and attentive to him - they're meant for each other.

Jeff and Kim, thank you for trusting me to take your bridal pictures! I loved working with you and spending those hours hearing a little bit of your love story. I wish you a marriage full of blessings and lovely adventures together. Continue to dance, smile and to love each other well always!

~ Anaelisa

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