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Back to School Portraits

When summer's about to come to a close and the school year's around the corner, then comes the timeless tradition that's treasured in the hearts of so many families - the 'back to school' portraits.⁠ Why are they so important?

1) Preserving precious memories

These portraits freeze this special moment in time. They mark the beginning of a new academic year and anticipate all the good things to come with it. As the years go by, the added value of these photos increases, as they have seized in time your child's innocence, energy, and unique character during each school year.

2) Expressing their own personality

This type of portrait allows the student to have an opportunity to express themselves and showcase their personal style and individuality. They freeze a particular moment and it allows you to have a tangible memory that can be cherished forever. ⁠ As they choose not only their outfit, but also how to pose, they can really enjoy all the attention to be on them while their portrait is being done. And once you get the final product, you'll be able to reminisce on that boost of self-confidence that made such a memorable 'back to school' photo session.

3) Commemorating milestones

Each school year brings its own set of goals, milestones, and achievements. Starting with kindergarten, and transitioning into middle school and on to high school, each grade level represents a significative step that forms your child's academic journey. Back-to-school portraits help families have a visual timeline of all those important stages that represent all the attained goals and dreams that took place over such an important part of our lives.

4) Strengthen family ties

Back-to-school portraits can be a great opportunity to bond as a family, if you make an experience out of them. While you're all deciding on outfits, you may also discuss aspirations for the year ahead. This can spark fun and interesting conversations and strengthen those family bonds and build lasting memories.

5) Celebrating the academic journey

This type of portrait allows you to celebrate the amazing opportunity your child gets to an education and all the doors that their hard work is going to attain. When you look at your photos, you can be reminded of the importance of getting an education and of all the achievements that were reached and you'll be able to reinforce the meaning of hard work, staying focused, and having a positive attitude in life.

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