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The staff at Loving Choices in Fayetteville, Arkansas

These ladies are gold. They dedicate their days and lives to love those who come through their doors day in and day out. Sometimes they come in early and often they stay until late so that they can support, advise, and lend a listening ear to whoever needs it.

What is Loving Choices you ask? Loving Choices is a pregnancy center that provides free and confidential services to help with pregnancy and other reproductive health issues including pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, STD testing and abortion information.

Their website goes on to state : “If you are worried about an STD or an unplanned pregnancy, you are not alone. Make an appointment at Loving Choices to get information and explore your options. All of our services are confidential and free of charge.”

I had the privilege to volunteer at their facility in Fayetteville for a whole year and saw firsthand these ladies’ dedication and passion to this cause. So many hopeless women come in as a last resort and left encouraged, supported, and most of all loved.

With the help of wonderful donors, the center assists women with educational material, an amazing array of products and necessities for themselves and their babies, and the opportunity to grow spiritually.

As a volunteer, I had the chance to meet several women who came week after week wanting to share their struggles and successes relating to their families, and I usually left with a full heart and gratitude to be able to metaphorically hold their hand during such a significant time in their lives.

Dana, Karen, Charla, Phil, Emily, Kathleen, Iris, Michele, Sue, and everyone else I got to work with, I’m so glad I got to meet you all and I admire your dedication and passion for these mamas and their babies! And Michela, thank you so much for recruiting me, offering me the opportunity to participate, being such a great teacher, and allowing me to learn a little bit about the amazing work that you do!

Oh, and did I mention how much fun it is!

~ Anaelisa

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