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Flowy Dresses and Tiny Headbands

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

That beautiful stage when babies can already hold their head up, but aren't quite able to sit upright by themselves yet. That's where baby Ava is right now. Sandi and Ava showed up looking beautiful, fresh, and ready to let the warm spring day give us some gorgeous sunlight and cooling breeze.

"Working with Anne was an absolute pleasure! She had us feeling comfortable and prepared before our session even started. She gave us helpful tips on choosing wardrobe and several choices of location." - Sandi

Ava was supposed to nap on the drive to our meeting spot, but she must've sensed that she was about to have to pose, smile, and be adorable for the next hour and a half, so she decided to stay awake the whole way. That, of course, had us start our session with an already tired baby girl. But did that matter? Not really! Actually, she's a pro. I couldn't help but remember how during her newborn session at four days old, we were hoping to get several photos of her while sleeping, but she fought it for the longest time. She finally fell asleep for the last few minutes of our photo shoot.

But that was then, and this is now. She was a total champ. She was all smiles, giggles, sweetness and cuteness. That lasted for about an hour. After that, we had to become more creative to keep her from letting us know that she was ready for a much needed nap. Thankfully, Sandi came prepared with her stuffed teddy bear and pacifier, which helped so much. The bubbles certainly distracted her for a few minutes, too.

"In every step of the process Anne really listened to what we wanted and made that happen. She is a great communicator, so creative, and really has an eye for choosing beautiful locations and poses." -Sandi

Towards the end of the session, Ava made it very clear that she was done, but I was lucky to be dealing with one of the coolest and most no-fuss mamas I've ever met. She was okay to allow me to capture Ava just on the verge of tears, just begging to be left alone, poor baby! But how could we have passed up on the opportunity to catch her super adorable upset face?

Please don't call child services yet! Right after that, she was free to go :). I'm pretty sure that she was asleep in her car seat even before Sandi started the car. I'll make sure to apologize when she's older!

Sandi and Ava, it was so much fun to photograph you! We were blessed with a wonderful evening, and I was really fortunate to get you in front of my camera!

"She is very timely with her editing. We didn't have to wait long to see the final product. Every image turned out so beautiful! She has definitely exceeded my expectations. I can't wait for our next shoot with Anne!" -Sandi

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