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Fall Fun at Atalanta Lake

I enjoyed this session so much! The Friddles are such a wonderful family. Lawson has a gentle personality, great sense of humor, and is 100% dedicated to his wife and kids. Abby is an assertive, kind, and hard-working lady. Together, they make great parents to Levi, Mia, and Adaline.

Oh, how much fun these kids are! Each one of them exuding their very own personality and adding it to the portraits. Levi's a super sweet and handsome boy, who kindly complied to my requests of where to stand and what to do while I took their pictures.

Mia, with her incredibly hip haircut and style made it hard for me to believe that she wasn't a teenager and ready to take on the world! No kisses and hugs for her. Definitely not her love language. But 'sword fights' with flowers? Yes, please!

And Adaline, "the wild one", in her mom's words... this girl! She was wearing the cutest outfit. Actually, all of them were. They always do a great job of coordinating flawlessly and beautifully! But back to Adaline, the epitome of a daddy's girl. All she wanted were daddy's kisses and tickles. And giving my suggested portrait poses her own twist, which of course, made them so much better!

Despite it being fall, it was an unseasonably warm day and Lake Atalanta was a great spot to meet at, especially for these three very energetic and adventurous kids! They had an abundance of space to run around, jump up and down, and watch the ducks swim. There was even time for short breaks here and there.

Due to the times we're experiencing, we touched on the inevitable topic of working and doing school from home. Since Lawson is working from home, they weren't happy to just find a random spot to set up his home office, so they went ahead and fixed up their storage room, made it pretty, and converted it into his office. That's what they do and that's how talented and skillful they are! And as much as Abby wishes she could go back to being a nurse, she's fully dedicated to her home and until she goes back to that job that she misses so much, she's running her own business at Linen and Flax Refurbished Goods, so go ahead and follow her on Instagram!

Lawson and Abby, it was a pleasure to work with you. You're doing a wonderful job raising those amazing kids and lovingly teaching them not only to follow their dreams, but also to be obedient, considerate, and respectful.

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