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Best Locations for a Photo Session in NWA. Part II

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Still not sold on any of my previously suggested locations? Here are a few more!

  • Horsebarn Trailhead

Easily accessible and with a nice playground ideal for your ones to play after a photo session.

The colors you'll get on your images at this location will be very representative of the season. Lots of browns during winter, all tones of greens in spring and Sommer, and the most golden warm tones in the fall.

  • Oliver Dr

This very unexpected and discretely tucked away trail is located in such a way that I still consider it a little bit of a hidden gem. If you plan your session around sunset time, you'll get glowing backlit images.

  • Orchards Park

Certainly located in Bentonville it has it all: Tall fir trees, elegant white columns, a beautiful pond and my favorite weeping willow. All that within a rather small piece of land - no excessive walking necessary.

  • Prayer Garden

Usually a very peaceful and quiet place (with a few exceptions). If you don't feel like walking much, but still want to benefit from beautiful surroundings and landscaping, this is your place.

  • The Momentary

Also in Bentonville, this place is great in you want to achieve a sleek, modern, and elegant style. Beautiful architecture and impeccable landscaping all in one place.

Do you have a different idea or suggestion? Let's talk about it!

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