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Best Locations for a Photo Session in NW Arkansas. Part I

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Sitting within the Ozark Mountains, it's needless to say that our Northwest Arkansas region has many gorgeous places with fantastic views representing our Natural State.

If you're wondering where you should go to get beautiful portraits with memorable backgrounds, here's a short list for you!

These are a few of my tried and true personal favorites. (Part II coming soon)

  • Crystal Bridges

Easily accessible and free parking available. Even though it's a rather new location - it opened its doors in 2011, it's already become one of the most important landmarks in the area. With over 120 acres, there are plenty of spots for beautiful photos for you and your family.

Modern art? Check. Bridges? Check. Manicured landscapes? Check.

  • Downtown Bentonville

Parking will be just a tad more challenging, but still very manageable. These images would have a more urban style and depending on the day and time of the day, we'll have to get a little more creative as we avoid other people in the photos. It's charming, it's colorful, and we might encounter one or two surprises along the way, e.g. interesting graffiti, quaint shop windows, or colorful tulips in the spring.

  • Osage Park

This place provides a great mix of trails, nature, and also modern art displays for a great variety in your images. We'll walk around stopping at the most picturesque spots, all the while taking in the beautiful views, maybe catching a glimpse of a small airplane taking off or landing now and then at the small airport nearby , and getting some exercise during the walk.

  • Park Springs Park

If what you're after is pure nature, this is your spot! Even though it's very close to downtown, you're going to feel like you're in the middle of the forest. Embrace the greens, the flowing spring waters, the singing birds, but beware of mountain bikers.

  • Tanyard Creek

Located in Bella Vista and also a wonderful piece of nature. Lots of trails to choose from, creeks, bridges, and even a gorgeous waterfall, if you're up for a hike.

Which one will it be for you? Stay tuned for Part II! Let's talk!

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