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A cool afternoon in Bentonville, Arkansas

If you put a gorgeous looking woman and a handsome man together in a scenic location and start taking pictures of them, you will hear some comments from the people around. This is exactly what happened during this great session I shared with this lovely couple. Several people simply stared and couldn't help but mention how good they looked. They really stood out like movie stars!

These two paid attention to every single detail about their ensemble and it sure paid off! I was so happy to photograph the colors they chose to wear against the dry and mainly monochromatic natural backdrop we were given by the Arkansas fall season.

During my sessions, I generally like to connect and chat with the people I photograph, but sometimes - when I sense that they don't need my direction for every pose - I prefer to stand a little farther away from them and not encourage a constant dialogue between them and me. Instead, I let them have the freedom to just be; to simply enjoy each other in a way that their busy lives may not allow them to indulge in at times.

That was the case with Rayisa and Adam; they looked into each other’s eyes non-stop, they held each other's hands and just basked in that closeness that allowed me to feel as if I shouldn’t disturb the moment by saying something that would’ve sounded silly, like “smile!”

Needless to say, I really enjoyed meeting with them and them allowing me to get a glimpse at those intimate moments that they shared.

Rayisa and Adam, you’ve gotten engaged since and I’d like to encourage you to always keep looking at each other the way you did that cool afternoon in Arkansas.


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