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When Should I Schedule a Fall Photo Session for?

  • Why is October such a busy season for family photographers?

One of the reasons October is one of my busiest seasons for family photography is in part because my clients enjoy the weather during that time - the excessive heat of the summer is gone and it's a few weeks before the frigid months of winter. Not only that, but the colors all around are so rich and warm. Those two factors make the most perfect and picturesque backdrop for you and your family!

  • Too soon or too late, careful!

I've learned through the years that I need to pay attention to my environment and not get too excited about the fall sessions and book them too soon, because I could very easily end up photographing a completely green area - which is also beautiful, but it just doesn't represent the colors and feel of autumn; all those gorgeous reds, yellows, and oranges.

I also need not wait too long, because that'll get us mostly brown tones all over and bare trees that have already lost all their leaves.

  • The sweet spot

That leaves us with about two weeks to work for. And that's only if it doesn't rain during that time, which it often does, but you know what? A little rain can even add a little magic to the session.

All that to say that it's my experience that the ideal time to do outdoor fall photo sessions is the last 10 days in October and the first few days in November.

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