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What to Wear to my Headshot Session

When you book a headshot session with me, I'll share my tips to make you feel confident and help you look your best. Additionally, here's another short compilation of ideas for how to prepare for it.

  • Keep it Simple

As the name states it, it's a headshot, which means that we're going to focus on your head, or rather, from your waist up. So unless you'd like a full body photo, a nice pair of slacks will be appropriate. Don't overdo your makeup, don't get creative with your hair on the day of your session. Wear that shirt that makes you feel attractive and comfortable.

Regarding accessories, less is more. I recommend one piece of jewelry to th the star and not all of them. Are you going with big earrings? Tone down your necklace, or vice versa.

  • Solid Colors

When you look in your closet, choose that shirt, or dress that you're often drawn to for special occasions. I recommend solid colors to avoid any distractions that will take the attention away from your face, especially your eyes. Big patterns and neon colors should be avoided for this type of session. Same goes for thin stripes, since they may have a dizzying effect.

Have you ever had a color analysis done? If so, follow the colors that were suggested to you. Otherwise, I can help you find a color that suits you well, simply by sending me a selfie - I'll help you figure it out and will suggest a color palette.

  • Bring a blazer

Or a scarf. Just by the simple act of donning a blazer or a scarf, you'll immediately add variety to your images. You'd rather bring another shirt? You're welcome to!

  • Enhance, don't alter

I highly recommend recommend hiring a hair stylist and a makeup artist. The will know how to make you look your best without making you look unnatural. However, if you trust yourself to do your own hair and makeup, keep it simple. Do as you would if you had a special event, but not much more. You want to look like yourself and enhance, not alter your features.

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