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What to Wear to a Fall Photo Session

You've scheduled a fall photo session and now you're wondering what you should wear? Let me help!

  • Colors

Look around and notice the prominent colors... very likely these will be burgundy, orange, yellow, marigold, and red. Well, there's your clue, try to coordinate with nature! These same colors will look amazing on you as well, especially their muted versions. Always remember that bright colors on your top half will be reflected off of your face.

In my experience, mom should pick her outfit first and everyone else's should derive from it. Once mom has chosen her main color, she should pair it with other neutrals to accentuate.

Now, the rest of the family should wear colors that coordinate - not necessarily match - hers. Try to conserve the same color palette without all looking the same.

  • Patterns

You want to keep patterns to a minimum, although traditional patterns such as houndstooth, plaid, or checkers look great. Just make sure that not every person in the group is wearing them. Subtle patterns look elegant, too.

  • Logos

I recommend staying away from large logos, since they may go out of style and you also want to keep the attention on your beautiful faces and not anything else, like a distracting logo.

  • Layers

Definitely wear layers! You never know what the weather might look like, so you want to have a thin layer, just in case it's a little cool. But you also want to have the option to take it off, in the event of it getting too hot. Also, you want as many different options in poses as in looks, as possible and layers is a way to achieve that.

  • Accessories

Scarves, mittens, and mittens are a great way to add dimension to your family photo session. However, Arkansas weather can be vey unpredictable and fall weather may feel very warm for such accessories. An alternative is to pair up your outfit with a beautiful necklace, earrings, or bracelet - especially if they have a special meaning to you.

  • What to avoid

This is YOUR session, so you decide how you want the photos to look, but here are a few things that you may want to consider avoiding if you want your photos to be classic, beautiful, timeless, and elegant:

- Flip-flops

- Shorts

- Spaghetti straps

- Busy patterns

- Big logos

- Too much black

I hope this helps!

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