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Together Again!

All of us have at some point taken our families for granted. Haven't you? So seeing the five members of the Rule family together was a true blessing. Matt and Christine, together with their two youngest sons have recently returned from having spent several months abroad. They left everything known and dear to them and listened to their calling to bring hope in a different part of the world. Not only did they leave their material belongings, but they also were apart from their first-born, Trenton for that whole time.

As we were finding the different spots for the photos, they kept graciously answering all my questions about their time away. I've always been passionate about different cultures, beliefs, and ways of life that there are outside of our little bubbles and what's familiar to us, so hearing first-hand about their immersion in a foreign country, was fascinating.

I love how they've found local people to guide them and help them out during the transition. And it's wonderful to hear how despite the diverse backgrounds in most facets of their lives, they can already call some of them 'sweet friends'.

One can only imagine the bonds that these family members are forming. They have their traditional interactions as a family, and now they can also take into account having moved to a different country and having to learn a new culture, a new diet, and a new language together!

Not everything has been easy. Due to all the complications that this year has brought, Matt wasn't able to be in the United States when his mother passed away, and that must've been heartbreaking. However, these strong and amazing humans have decided to joyfully focus on being obedient and faithful.

One of the aspects I enjoyed the most while photographing them, was to see their three boys interact and talk every single second they had. It's like they were somehow making up for lost time. And for a few minutes there, they even enjoyed the swings, pushing each other and carelessly laughing and being happy.

Matt and Christine, thank you for allowing me to spend some time with you and your fantastic boys and for sharing all those incredible stories about how the Lord is moving and using you for His glory. You are a true blessing for many and a wonderful example of brotherly love and service!

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