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Photo Session "Mommy and Me". And Grandpa :)

Updated: May 6, 2020

We met a few months ago, but I hadn't had the chance to actually talk with Jaci until our photo session this past weekend. We had been texting in Spanish in order to set the details for our meeting, and it still amazed me how good her Spanish was when I heard her speak!

It was a nice surprise to have her dad join the session! It's amazing how such a young boy (almost a year old, yay!) can benefit from having a few extra hands to help out with carrying his things around! Jaci's dad was in town. He drove TEN hours, because she had some remodeling going on, and who better to help than her dad? I could totally relate, because my dad is always our go-to person when we'd like a repair or an addition at home. Dads are the best; they just know how to get things done! We even got him to hold Santiago and pose for a few pictures! I'm sure grandma will be a little jealous :). But just a little, she'll understand that you can't pass up opportunities like this, right? Grandpa and grandson, ah, simply adorable!

We found our spot, we started the session, and everything was going just perfectly. Then, all of a sudden, Santiago went from kind of smiling, to getting serious and probably wondering who this lady with the big camera was and why she was saying his name so much, to pouting and looking like he was about to cry. Mama, of course, came to the rescue, reassured him, calmed him down, and sat with him for some more photos.

He's getting ready to start walking, and he was happy to try, but where he really likes to be is in mommy's arms.

Sometimes my brother comes to these sessions with me to assist. He helps me carry my bags, hold reflectors, and in this case, making funny faces for little boys. Well, Santiago really enjoyed that part. Before we knew it, there he was, sticking out his tongue back! The cutest!

We surely had a fun time, and it was so good to enjoy some fresh air, and to watch the tenderness from this young mama towards her handsome boy. Happy Mother's Day, Jaci!

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