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A Wonderful Mother and Mother-In-Law

Welcome. That’s how I felt being there. And there was also warmth.

These grandparents did something right! Here they were, all together celebrating Mother’s Day. Allow me to elaborate a little... Here they were: grandparents, their four sons (FOUR BOYS!), their beautiful wives, for the three of their sons who are married, their four gorgeous grandchildren, and their amazingly well behaved dogs. May I add that this was my first time photographing four-legged members of a family? Three generations and their pets, it was fun!

I’ve had the privilege of knowing Richard, Michelle, and their kids already. Having kids of my own who are about the same ages, I totally understand having to talk super sweetly for them to listen, then get a little more serious, maybe bribe a little bit, and finally even threat with taking away treats... all of it just to get a smile from them. Or at least for them to look at the camera for a millisecond! So I'm totally pleased to have gotten several photos of their cute little faces.

Having grown up with two brothers and having married into a family of three boys, I truly admire and respect moms of boys in a particular way. Especially moms who have raised kind, respectful, and well-mannered men. Men who respect and value women. Men who have chosen the right women as their spouses, in order to continue the legacy of a loving family. A loving family who thoughtfully decided to give Mom the gift of a photo session that she'll be able to remember and treasure for years to come. I, of course, acknowledge dads input in their children's upbringing, but we're talking Mother's Day here :).

The only time I spent with them was while I took their photos, but that was enough for me to notice how friendly and pleasant everyone was. We had to control ourselves, so as not to forget the prescribed social distancing factor and avoid saying goodbye with a good old cordial handshake.

Gardner Family, it was a pleasure to have worked with you, and I hope that you continue to value family time, and to enjoy each other's company any chance you get!

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