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Meet the Hastings

Did you know that according to the 2016 Statistics on Pastors, 58% of pastors feel like they don't have any good, true friends and 62% of pastors say they are lonely? Or that more than one third of pastors are currently at high or medium risk of burnout? That's one out of three!

I could give you a few more statistics regarding pastors considering leaving the ministry or them feeling judged and inadequate, but you get the idea. Pastors also need prayer and support.

Pastors and ministry leaders have been called to serve others in their churches and organizations, but more often than not, they lack their own support group to come alongside them to strengthen them during difficult times, or to guide them when they face confusion or trials. Or even to encourage them while they undergo the problems that life will naturally throw at them, just like any other human being.

And this is where Dave and Sandy come in. They're currently serving with "STANDING STONE - Shepherding Shepherds". Standing Stone Ministry is a nonprofit ministry committed and devoted to the well-being of pastors, ministry leaders, and their spouses.

Dave and Sandy have ministered together for 31 years, with Dave serving as an associate pastor, senior pastor, and church planter. They have experienced the joy of serving in local churches, and on top of that they have also felt the isolation, the burnout, and all the other struggles that often come as a consequence of vocational ministry.

They have shared how honored they feel to be caring for ministry leaders and their families, and as a person who's known them for over a decade, I know what a blessing it will be for the pastors and ministry leaders that get to talk to them, know them, and be ministered by Dave and Sandy.

I've witnessed their love for each other, their six gorgeous children, and most importantly, their love for the Lord. I've seen firsthand their commitment to the gospel of Jesus, and their care for their brothers and sisters in Christ. They have been such a great example of faithfulness, kindness, and integrity.

I recently had the privilege to take their photos, and it was a fun time to catch up a little, and hear what their kids are up to... (how is it that they're already either married, or working on doctorates, or about to go to college?! :)), all the while smiling and looking sharp!

Dave and Sandy, may God continue to bless your lives and use you to minister others for His glory! 

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