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A Familiar Photo Shoot

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

What do you do when this guy you know needs to update his work ID photo, and you’re a photographer who’s building your #portrait portfolio for your new photography business? You schedule a #headshot session and turn it into a full portrait session!

Booking a photo session in NW Arkansas at the end of February isn’t easy. It’s generally cold, in the 30's, yikes! And it often rains, sleets, or you get snow predictions about once a week. So yes, it was a challenge to even be able to schedule this shoot and keep the date. Together with the unpredictable weather and Marco’s crazy busy life, which includes a highly demanding job, numerous business and leisure trips, and long list of sports and hobbies, I consider it a success to have this photos now!

Our meeting was a lot of fun! We strolled through #CrystalBridgesMuseum, and then walked along #CrystalBridgesGardens. All the while, joking around and trying to stay out of people’s ways on the paths.

But nobody stopped to say hi. Nobody! That never happens. If you go out with Marco, you’re bound to be interrupted by someone who wants to say hi to him. He knows so many people, and he’s liked by so many, that he’s always shaking hands, giving hugs, and striking up conversations with others. Sometimes in English, sometimes in Spanish. It sometimes feels like you’re hanging out with a celebrity. Of course people like him! He’s smart, funny, curious, generous, adventurous, etc. He’s one of those guys with whom you can talk about anything. I mean anything! Is it traveling? He’s got the best places. Is it nutrition and health? He knows about the latest studies and findings. Is it pickle ball? He can coach you!

I could name one hundred more topics that would be fun to discuss with him, I’ve tried! I’ve been doing it all my life. The guy I was honored to photograph is my brother!

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