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From Radovljica and Arkansas to Florence. What?

Where do I even start sharing about this semi impromptu photo session with one of my dearest friends and her life companion? Should I initiate by sharing that it was in one of the most amazing cities in Italy, and dare I say, the world? Florence, that is.

When I shared with Ana about my upcoming trip to The City of Love, she promptly suggested that we should meet, even though that meant an almost seven hour drive from Slovenia for them. I couldn’t believe it and, of course, I quickly accepted! The Airbnb where we stayed at was fantastic, we highly recommend it! It was conveniently located and Lorenzo couldn’t have been any more helpful and accommodating. My meeting with Ana and Matej was a little over 24 hours - so little time to catch up, but we certainly used the time for a couple of good meals, great chats, and many many stops all over the city so that I could get a great collection of pictures of the lovely couple in amazingly beautiful Florence.

We even got a few while Ana did some grocery shopping - yes, in Italian - at the farmer’s market (have I mentioned how talented she is with foreign languages?). Olives and cheese? Yes, please!

We got such pleasant weather, perfect for our comfort, though extremely harsh light for a photo session. Thankfully, Ana is a skilled photographer herself, so she knew exactly what I meant every time I started searching for a shaded spot. We just played with what we had and had such a fun time deciding where we wanted to go next either for our next set of images, or maybe for a delicious gelato.

I truly believe that remembering those few hours will always bring a smile to our faces and strengthen our friendship more, if that’s even possible. I’m so glad they were such good sports to allow me to photograph them, their genuine smiles, and their love.

Matej and Ana, thank you so much, hvala, for making the trip to Italy and spending some time with me. Thank you for the great time and I hope to see you again soon!

~ Anne

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Anne, a great THANK YOU to you, my dearest friend! Ana & Matej

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