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What to Bring to a Cake Smash Photo Session

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

A whole year went by already and your bundle of joy is turning ONE! How can that be? I know it's been an amazing time full of the sweetest moments, and also the hardest and longest nights - but it's all been worth it! Your little one is reaching one of the greatest milestones and it needs to be celebrated in a big way, like a fun Cake Smash Photo Session at my photo studio in Bentonville!

These sessions are so cute and can be personalized to suit your baby's personality. They are a lot of fun, because a lot of times, it'll be the first time that that sweet boy or girl will try cake (or in some cases, sugar) in their lives! That's right, imagine all the expressions, and curious little faces that will be frozen in time when you book a Cake Smash Photo Session with me.

I'll have you in my studio and usually my youngest models tend to dictate the style of their portrait sessions with a lot more resolve than my regular clients. They definitely won't smile if they're hungry, or uncomfortable in any way, so I've written a list to make the session easier, and more pleasing for everyone.

1. Favorite Snack

What's your baby's fail-safe, go-to snack that they're always happy to munch on? Is it a yummy puree pouch, Cheerios, or maybe some fresh raspberries? Whatever it may be, bring some of it! Since most grown-ups enjoy a slice of cake sometimes, we tend to assume that baby will like it too. However, if you think about it, since it's his or her first time having cake, it might not be their favorite thing right away. They might actually not really enjoy it initially. Remember, it's a completely new and foreign flavor for them and they might require some time to get used to it and learn to enjoy it.

2. Favorite Toy

Is there a favorite stuffed animal that always gets a smile? Bring it! Baby will be distracted with the unfamiliar environment, the camera and lights, and the cake, so we might need that favorite toy to get those authentic and joyful smiles.

3. Change of Clothes

Even though we'll save the cake part for the end of the session, you're going to want a change of clothes, because they're a big chance of it getting messy. Cute, but messy.

4. Towel and Wipes

Depending on how baby reacts to the cake, you might need a towel to dry him or her up after you wash off all the cake frosting. Or wipes will take care of the job too.

5. Cake (or Cupcake)

And well, the cake, of course. I'll have a neutral backdrop at my photo studio, so I'd recommend a cake that's going to go well with his or her outfit.

Expect your session to be a lot of fun and filled with lots of smiles, joy, and authenticity.

Ready to book? Click here!

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