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Your exclusive concierge in Charlotte, NC

Are you a busy professional, or a mom who has countless responsibilities and to-dos and barely has any time to even get a nutritious meal once in a while? Or maybe you’re an entrepreneur who’s starting a business and you're working so hard to get your systems in place. When will you have time to pick up your prescription, let alone your items from the cleaners? Oh, what about groceries? You just went a few days ago! But you forgot a thing or two - isn’t that always the case?

You don’t have to feel overwhelmed any more. Enter your concierge, Janica. She’s here for you!

Janica and I met several years ago and we hung out in Dublin and Zurich. Yes, we’re jet setters like that. That, and we had to go there for work, ha! One of the best things the pandemic brought to my life is reconnecting with several friends, one of them being Janica. As we were catching up on Marco Polo (fantastic app! Go try it out if you haven't!), we shared about our newest endeavors and she shared with me about her desire to help out other people by doing the things that she enjoys, giving her clients time to do what THEY wanted to do.

If you go to her website, you’ll find her motivation, her drive, and the many services that she offers. For example, taking care of those annoying exchanges online, dealing with contractors, or keeping up with those subscriptions that you’d rather deal with … well, just some other time, you have too much going on now.

I had the privilege to be entrusted by her to take her branding photographs and boy, did we have fun while doing that! We focused on her brand, of course, and the things that she stands for, like attention to detail, professionalism, punctuality, and simplicity. But we also delighted in tasty cupcakes, grapes, and Prosecco for good measure.

This lady knows what she likes and she has style and class. Her house is decorated with such great taste and I felt right at home while I was there. Hershey’s kisses included. I absolutely recommend her, you won’t regret it, and you’ll even wonder how you even managed without her assistance. Also, follow her on Instagram for great posts!

Janica, what a great time we had, thank you for your hospitality and for trusting me with such important work. I know you’ll do a great job and I wish you nothing but success in this enterprise!


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