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Running Out of Decorating Ideas?

Have you ever felt like you needed to freshen up the guest room that you’ve neglected for so long, or to lively up the little reading corner by the window, or maybe your desk area? You probably spend so much time there, that you’ve gotten used to last years’ calendar picture, or the outdated Polaroid that’s been hanging there for... who knows how long?! And who is that kid again?

Guest bedroom, queen size bed, some prints hanging on the wall.
Desk and computer in front of a window.

Or how about that clean hallway, maybe a little too clean in the sense that it seems that it even lacks "personality". I mean, what does it say about you and your family? Do you like traveling, or do you prefer nature? What story is being told as you go up or as you come down those stairs? What colors would you like to see there?

staircase with empty walls on both sides

Do you sometimes wish that the decorating fairy would just show up one day and grant you three hours of decorating ideas, and maybe a few extra minutes of help arranging all those new acquisitions in order to make them look like, well... like the decorating fairy helped you?

I’ve been blessed with a job that allows me to travel a lot, and therefore, has allowed me to see many beautiful places, mostly in Europe, filled with its old and gorgeous buildings, that so wonderfully complement its lively and vibrant cities.

However, I’m convinced that there’s no need to cross any oceans in order to catch fantastic views. As a matter of fact, sometimes you just need to step outside your front door (or back door), open your eyes, and observe all the beauty around you.

Peach blossom in full bloom