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Children are so much fun! And every single milestone should be recorded. It’s sometimes easier to keep track of the first-born’s every move, so I really have to applaud Seth and Adriana for making an effort to celebrate their second baby boy’s six months.

We just got done with a mini photo session to mark Jake’s six months as Jaxson’s little brother. We’re still in the middle of winter here in NW Arkansas, so we were hoping for a day that wasn’t too cold, in order to do an outdoors photo shoot. We kept an eye on the weather forecast, and as soon as we saw low 60s predicted on the screen for a couple of days ahead, we went ahead and scheduled our meeting. We totally took advantage of this overcast and cool day! Just cool, not freezing. Perfect.

Jake did so well! He definitely did not like being on his back, so he stayed like that for about two photos and then turned over and was eager to “army-crawl” away from his blanket.

Right afterwards, it was time for the outfit change… matching shirts with brother and dad. It was the cutest thing! Big brother Jaxson joined him to play with balloons for a little bit, and I could only imagine what a wonderful relationship they’ll have as they grow up together!

Mom and Dad were lovingly fully hands on helping me move the boys around, and standing behind me calling their names. “Jaxson, over here!”, “Jake, gordo, look here!”, so that they would look at the camera. We got some mischievous smiles, and someone might or might not have fallen forward off a small chair onto a blanket on the grass, so no injuries!

I even snuck a tender moment between Jake and camera-shy mom…

It was so nice working with this sweet family!

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