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Father's Day on a Farm

Her warm smile. That's probably one of the first things you'll think about if you hear the name Kim Traylor. Kim and I met, because we used to go to the same church. She would stand right at the entrance welcoming people, so she’d be one of the first faces we’d see before Sunday service. She’d also, most likely, be the first one to greet you with a hug. And it was exactly the right kind of hug - the one that makes you feel like you belong. Definitely, a very appropriate preamble right before worship!

Kim contacted me to schedule this special Father’s Day photo session well in advance, but we had to get in touch the week before our appointment to discuss possible alternate plans. “Why?”, you may ask. Well, with this being Arkansas, the weather forecast was all over the place. It actually showed a high possibility of rain... of course. We were happy about the clouds, but we really hoped for the rain to hold up for us. And it did!! Big win on that one!

The session took place at their farm in Prairie Grove. Wow, what a place! I’m always excited to be able to do a shoot at a new (to me) location. And this place just confirmed my reasons to be excited. Land for days, barns, cattle, a road shaded by trees, a huge open field, and ... wait for it... a beautiful lake! In my book, any spot for photos is automatically 10 times prettier if there’s some kind of body of water.

However, even in the most amazing locations, the environment is always better if the people are fun, and boy, were they fun! Four generations represented, and it seemed like everyone was having a good time. There was a lot of laughter, joking, teasing, and everyone enjoying Father’s Day! Five smiling fathers being honored on their day. I didn’t really get a chance to talk much with these men, but for some reason, I could sense these particular qualities from them - hard work and dedication to their families.

And emanating from the ladies was love, admiration, and respect towards these men.

Traylor family, it was an honor to have met you, and thank you for welcoming me to photograph your beautiful and fun family on Father’s Day! Continue to enjoy the unity of your family, and may God bless you all!

~ Anaelisa

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