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A wedding, a large family, and a newborn session

Life can be incredibly influenced by the people you surround yourself with. Life is a lot better, more interesting, and fun if you spend time with nice people. As I’m writIng this, I’m thinking specifically about the Kaimas, Hamilimo and Shannon. And now, baby Xander, with an ‘X’.

I had the honor of photographing their wedding a few years ago and I remember how special it was to have both their dads officiate their wedding ceremony. The US and Zambia were represented so well with both sides of the family showing equal interest and respect for each other’s cultures and traditions.

I don’t know that I had ever photographed so many people at once, especially so many fun loving people together. From the youngest to the oldest, everyone was willing to strike a silly pose for me.

A couple of years passed, and I did another family photo session. These reunions are so very special, considering that about 20 people have to reunite in one place after traveling from all corners of the world, pretty much. All the way from California, Missouri, Tennessee, and Australia (!) to Arkansas, the natural state. The kids got bigger, and this time we added a dog and a baby bump! Once again, I got all of their smiling faces and I could just sense the joy of every person feeling so thankful to be there enjoying some quality family time around Christmas.

And most recently, I did the sweetest newborn session for the newest addition to the family, baby Xander Hamilimo Kaima. He was so eager to enter this world, he came several days before his due date, and he has brought so much joy to his parents’ lives. He’s the 11th grandchild on mom’s side and only the first one on dad’s side.

He has the cutest nursery filled with jungle animals' pictures and stuffed animals, he'll enjoy it so much and he'll be crawling around it before we know it!

He was such a mellow baby during our session and we only had to take one break for his afternoon snack and his respective diaper change. Dear Hamz and Shannon, congratulations on your beautiful baby! I know you’ll be wonderful parents and you’ll guide Xander to love and follow the Lord just like you do...

~ Anne

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